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We love BBQ!

In 2009 we decided to open up a BBQ business.  We began working with a personal friend Garth Jones at 7J’s Outdoors in Liberty Lake, WA. to start creating a mobile BBQ pit.   We registered our Business name and reserved this website domain.   Working with the County we learned the specifications needed for the BBQ pit and the health regulations we needed to follow for the business. 

We cooked briskets for friends and created our own BBQ Rubs and BBQ Sauce.  We wanted to create our own taste.  Through trial and error we finally found our base recipes.  We called them MeMaws Chicken Dust, Pepaws Brisket Rub and Georgie Porgies Piggy Powder!

We also created a baked bean recipe as well as a coleslaw sauce recipe.  We were ready for business. 

George talked to businesses around the Valleyford, WA community and found a place for us to set-up on the weekends. We decided to just start off with Friday’s and Saturdays to see how business started.    

We opened for Business in June of 2010.  We were very excited and nervous at the same time.  We loved it and people loved our food.  It wasn’t long before we got our first catering request.   Business was great.  We closed for the winter in Oct and opened back up next April 2011 thru Oct 2011.  We were getting more and more catering requests each month.  The business was heading in the direction we wanted to go.. catering. 

In 2012 we decided to make the hard decision to sell our house and business and move south to spend more time with our children and grandchildren.  We bought a travel trailer to live in and put everything up for sale.  We have since upgraded to a fifth wheel and are full time RVers.  We still love BBQ and talk about the business often.  We are currently enjoying spending more time with our family and enjoying the freedom the RV gives us.  


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